Saturday, January 9, 2016

Does Strenuous Coughing Count as Exercise?

So an entire week has passed since we rang in a brand-spanking new year.

And I still haven’t taken down my Christmas decorations. Our fully decorated 7-1/2 foot tall Christmas tree stands forlornly in the corner of our living room feeling sorry for itself that we neither light it nor look at it anymore.

Ack, the shame!  Not taking down Christmas decorations by January 2nd is pretty much a major sin in Jane’s Domain. 

But I have a good excuse. Or at least since I’m the “Jane” in Jane’s Domain and I get to pardon the sins, it’s an excuse I’m willing to accept.

I have, you see, caught yet another cold. This is the second cold I’ve had in the last two months. I barely had time to replenish my stash of Kleenex before the next round of sniffles started.

I’m telling you, if there is a flying germ anywhere within a 20 foot radius, it will find me. Apparently, I’m a great host. I serve snacks. And I must’ve given that ugly green Mucinex Man the wrong impression because he thinks he’s welcome any ol’ time.

So I’m trying to be a little less hospitable.  I’ve hauled out packages of Dayquil, Nyquil, cough syrup, nasal spray, cough drops, and, yes, Mucinex. I’ve taken them at various times and in various combinations in the vain hope of lessening my symptoms.

Yeah, like any of that has worked.

I’ve napped a lot this week, which certainly has helped me catch up on any missing sleep from those pre-holiday late nights.  And I’ve had no appetite, so that has helped the New Year’s diet that I didn’t specifically resolve to start.  And I’ve coughed so much, my core feels like I’ve spent the last week doing continual crunches.

It’s not a diet and exercise plan I’d recommend, though.

For one thing, phlegm is not pretty.  And for another, no energy leads to a messy house with overflowing wastebaskets full of wads of used Kleenex. Also not pretty. Especially when your middle is too sore to bend over to pick up a wastebasket.

And did I mention the fully decorated Christmas tree in the corner of my living room?

That’s enough to drive a somewhat obsessive-type person like me a little batty.
We’ve run out of basic food supplies such that I’m feeding Vince chicken noodle soup without the chicken. And I’ve been hoarding the milk to make it last yet another day for coffee (me) and hot cereal (Vince). 

Fortunately, I believe I’ve turned the corner on this cold and while a fit of violent coughing rudely awakened me at 4 am, I woke up no longer feeling like I’ve been flattened by a semi going 90 mph. 

So I think I may be able to venture out and do a little Krogering.  I’m going to need some chicken to add to a new batch of chicken noodle soup.

Because now Vince is sick.


And so it goes…

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