Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy Bee (Jane), Smashed Toe (Vince)

My week was so busy last week I didn’t even get a chance to finish my blog about how busy I was! Since I don’t want to waste all those words I took the time to string together, you’ll just have to pretend like you’re reading this last Friday – okay?!

Busy Bee (Jane), Smashed Toe (Vince)

It has been a busy, busy week. I’ve been working like crazy during the day and my evenings have been filled, too. I have had a couple after-hour get-togethers with friends plus an eye doctor appointment this week. Oh, and throw in the odd bit of housework, too. That laundry isn’t washing itself and those toilets aren’t scrubbing themselves either, you know.

Normally I like being busy, but for some reason I’m feeling stressed about all there is to do. Don’t tell anyone, but I suspect that my To-Do list is plotting against me. Yeah, I think it’s even reproducing itself. It’s a little scary. Especially when a second little notebook showed up the other day filled with more stuff for me to cram into my day. How’d that happen?!

We started the week off without air conditioning at home, so maybe that set the tone for the week. Fortunately, that little problem was fixed. By the time I got home from work Monday evening it was no longer sweltering inside. Good thing, too, because I was starting to think I might have to shave Jinx and Twinks to put them out of their misery. Wearing fur in the summer has to be pretty uncomfortable, wouldn’t you think?!

And then the evening I had my eye doctor appointment, well, that night didn’t go quite as planned. Vince had had the day off work, so we got together for lunch and then he planned to run some errands. After my eye appointment we thought we might even catch a movie. At the actual movie theater.

Didn’t happen.

Vince, being the loving and very-good-to-me husband that he is, took my car to the car parts store. The “Check Engine” light had been on for a few days and if you’d read one of my previous blogs, you know that I tend to panic when I see that particular light pop up on my dashboard.

The day the check engine light came on, I had checked the oil level before driving the vehicle home. And later that evening Vince had checked the rest of the fluids in the car and all was well. But still, that check engine light wouldn’t give up and go away.

So Vince’s first stop was to the car parts place. He and the tech took a look under the hood and the guy decided it must be the sensor. The sensor that cost $75 to replace. So he replaced it. But then the tech heard a hissing noise and, ace car repair guy he is, decided that one of the hoses needed to be replaced. Fortunately, that was only a $6 part. But then he decided that the $75 sensor probably wasn’t the problem, so he took it out and put back the old one. And then – just for grins – he checked the battery. Turns out the battery was bad, too. I’m sure he was salivating with the anticipation of charging Vince for a new battery, too, but Vince knew the battery had been replaced only a couple years prior and was still under warranty.

At some point during all this automotive mechanical analysis, the car parts guy and Vince walked back into the store. Only Vince wanted to do it in grand style apparently – because when he opened the heavy glass door, he somehow managed to scrape it over his big toe. Naturally, he was wearing flip flops – and blood started spurting all over the floor.

Vince did the normal he-man thing and avoided screaming like a girl, although he probably wanted to. When I saw his toe later, I wouldn’t have blamed him for screaming like a girl. That thing looked nasty and HAD to hurt!

But did that stop my man from his car repair quest? Not a chance. They wrapped up his toe as best as car parts people can and he moved on to the next stop – Sam’s Club – to get the battery replaced.

Once this chore was completed – and only then – did Vince decide to seek medical attention for his throbbing, bloodied toe. He went to an Urgent Care place and they gave him a tetanus shot, prescribed oral antibiotics and an antibiotic cream and wrapped that appendage up so that it was three times its normal size and sent him on his way.

Meanwhile, I was at the eye doctor’s for an eye exam that included having my eyes dilated. When I walked out of the appointment and into the sunlight, I cringed and shielded my eyes like one of the vampires in Twilight. The doctor had given me a pair of those flimsy paper and plastic “sunglasses” (and I use the term loosely), but the moment I tried to put them on, the paper earpiece broke off. And, naturally, I was driving Vince’s car and didn’t have any of my own sunglasses in his car.

So, with my eyes opened only to mere slits, I drove home. Very slowly and carefully, mind you. Vince was also driving home from the pharmacy with his medications and his hugely wrapped big toe. Driving very slowly and carefully, mind you. We make quite a pair, don’t we?! All I can say is thank goodness we weren’t on the same road at the same time.

Fortunately, everything turned out okay and we had no more mishaps over the weekend. Well, unless you consider the 3” scratch on my neck that Jinx inflicted last night while trying to jump off the couch. It was probably an accident, although she could have been warning me what might happen if I EVER try to shave off her fur.

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