Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Blog-Worthy Holiday Weekend?

Last week I had the Plague. Well, not really. I wasn’t deathly ill or anything, but I did have an elevated temperature on and off for 3-1/2 days. This sucked because I was forced to wash my hair every day. I hate washing my hair every day. And, besides, being sick in general sucks.

So I spent my time shivering and covered up in as many layers as possible – or, once my many fevers broke, I was a sweaty, stringy-haired mess. Thus, all the showering and hair washing.

Let’s just say that I am NOT looking forward to hot flashes.

And, yes, by the way – I did go to a doctor and, yes, I did get prescription medication. Fortunately, those little pills in that Z-pack seem to have warded off the evil spirits, which is a good thing because otherwise I was thinking about calling in an exorcist.

I worked for most of that time, but people around the office tended to stay away from me. Hmm. Wonder why? Was it that my stringy, plastered-to-my-head hair was distasteful? Or did they just not want to catch my cooties? Probably it was more likely my snarly disposition. Unfortunately, when I’m sick but still have to report to work, I’m a little less, uh, agreeable than normal.

Having a “slightly elevated” temperature is worse than a flat-out, near-death fever, too. Because when you’re at that latter stage, nobody expects you to wash the breakfast dishes, pick up the dry cleaning or deal with the annoying vendor who is desperately trying to make a sale. Being “slightly” sick means you still have to do all those things, but because you’re not feeling well, you’re way crankier than usual when doing them.

Plus, you don’t get much sympathy when you’re not majorly sick. Well, except from Mom. Yeah, I was lucky – mom called every day to check on me. Made me feel a little better, too.

So, anyway, I didn’t write any blogs. I don’t think the word “blog” even crossed my mind last week. See what happens to creativity when the Plague hits? It disappeared right along with my well-coiffed ‘do.

But. I’m baaaaack. Now… what am I going to write about?

If I hadn’t been sick last week, I could’ve written about our fun weekend in Cincinnati to watch the Indians vs. Reds baseball game. Indians won, I hear.

But, um, we didn’t go.

Or I could write about the dazzling fireworks display that lit up the sky in downtown Columbus or the many suburban fireworks displays.

Except…we didn’t go anywhere and sit on a blanket and watch any.

Yeah, I can see where this is headed. I’m going to have to start making stuff up pretty soon.

On the other hand, we did sit on the couch and watch Red White & Boom on TV. We even watched the Boston Pops and the spectacular fireworks display set off in the Boston Harbor.

So that was something. Besides, watching fireworks from the comfort of the couch wasn’t all that bad. We didn’t have to deal with the heat or the crowds. Our restroom facility was only five feet away and was (most importantly), not a Port-O-John. And we could have a beer or two without designating a driver or worrying about getting behind the wheel of a car afterwards.

All good things.

So, on the whole, it wasn’t a bad holiday weekend. Plus, I had a couple extra days to fully recover from the Plague. Oh, and I also got caught up on the laundry. Yay.

But was it blog-worthy? Eh, probably not. But that just makes you appreciate the truly blog-worthy subjects – doesn’t it?

Sigh. Maybe I need to plan another road trip…

Oh well. I didn’t want you to forget that I sometimes write a blog. So I wish you a Happy Hump Day, folks. Hope your day is blog-worthy.

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