Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vitamins, Vitamins and More Vitamins

This morning I, yet again, rushed out to my car to head to work. (Yes, I woke up late, and yes, I was running behind schedule, but, no, I was NOT late for work. Thanks for asking.) As I flew past the kitchen, I grabbed the handful of vitamins I take every morning and shoved them in my pocket to take later after I’d had something to eat.

I managed to eat “breakfast” somewhere south of Henderson Road after traffic started clearing a bit and I wasn’t in danger of smacking into the car in front of me while my attention was diverted trying to open the package. Well, I guess you could call it breakfast – if a chocolate covered, peanut butter, chocolate chip bar with a tiny bit of oatmeal thrown in for good measure can be considered breakfast.

They’re “Quaker Chewy Dips” and taste, to me, like a candy bar. Each bar has about 140 calories – about 40 more than the ones that aren’t covered in chocolate. But, hey, if broccoli came covered in chocolate, I’d probably eat a whole lot more of it, too.

Thus, the (obvious) need for the vitamins.

But even before this new phase in our lives, Vince and I were taking a lot of vitamins every morning. Only I had a bit more substantial breakfast when he was preparing it, so I could take my daily vitamins before leaving home.

Now, it’s catch as catch can and I sometimes forget about them and arrive home in the evening still with a pocketful of vitamins. Oops.

Vince and I take different ones, too, so it’s a major chore every couple weeks to fill up the pill holders. We practically have to draw straws to decide which one of us gets stuck with Pill Duty. It's sort of on par with Toilet Cleaning Duty.

If I take the Omega 3 fish oil pills he takes, I spend the day burping up what tastes like fish, which is sure to ruin a good day as I don’t like actual fish – let alone something in pill form. And don’t believe the brands that claim there is “no fishy aftertaste.” They lie. Besides, it’s not exactly ladylike to spend the day belching and the two times I tried those pills, it was an involuntary reaction. Yuck.

Once in a great while Vince will take my pills by accident. And then he has to clown around and act all feminine and talk in a high-pitched voice and tell me he he’s having emotional issues that day. What a fun-ny guy…

As for me, I take Vitamin D and Calcium so I don’t get osteoporosis. Vitamin E so my skin will stay youthful as long as possible. (Yeah, right. This one isn’t working so well. I woke up this morning with a crease on my face from sleeping on my pillow funny – and an hour later it was still there. Humph.)

And I take some sort of women’s OTC stuff to hopefully make the whole easing into menopause thing a little less traumatic. Who knows if they actually work? I don’t think I’ve had an official hot flash yet, though, so that’s a good enough reason for me to keep buying them.

And, finally, we both take Vitamin C so we have a little more protection against all those nasty germs floating through the air. I don’t care if the jury is still out on whether or not Vitamin C works…I figure it can’t hurt. I can assure you that we don’t eat the daily number of fruit servings recommended in the newest food pyramid. And neither of us drinks OJ on any sort of regular basis, so we could probably use a little extra help in the fruit vitamin category.

Probably I should look into the whole one pill in multi-vitamin form again. All this pill popping is getting old. But maybe it’s just a precursor to old age where people tend to pop pills all day long. Like my dad, for instance. He’s constantly taking some sort of prescription medication. Some he takes with food. Some without food. Some with milk. Some you can’t take with milk or with juice. If I had to keep up with that sort of pill-taking schedule, I’d have to be retired like he is just to deal with it all.

Sheesh. I can’t even manage to remember to take my daily vitamins every day.

Ah well. Hopefully all these vitamins will prevent some of those prescription pill needs later in life. And if they don’t…well, I guess I’m just getting in practice.

Which reminds me…I’ve got some vitamins to take. Hope you’re having a healthy day!

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