Friday, March 5, 2010

We Will…We Will…Rock You!

When I went to Ohio State (seemingly a million years ago), two of our friends named Doug and Dino formed a duo with the extremely creative name of, well, Doug & Dino. They played guitar, banjo and keyboard and wrote a lot of their own songs and we had so much fun hanging out at whichever campus bar they appeared. We knew all the songs word for word and would sing along and drink beer and, as we spent time together, we formed friendships that are still going strong and seem destined to last our lifetimes.

Dino went on to fame and fortune as a comic and morning radio host on Sunny 95 among his many other talents, which I won’t detail here as this is not his official bio (!), and Doug moved to sunny Florida (smart guy!), and works as a commercial producer for a local cable company and occasionally performs with an orchestra where he channels his inner Frank Sinatra.

Well, last night Vince and I went to India Oak, which is a local watering hole reminiscent of a campus bar where the duo Mark & Amos appear on Thursdays at 6PM. Mark plays guitar and sings and Amos plays bongos and sings backup. They play songs that we can’t help but sing along to and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable evening. We drink beer and eat Italian subs and chat with other locals sitting at the bar.

We heard about the place from Mark Dantzer, coincidentally also a morning radio host on The New Mix, 107.9. Mark was the DJ for our wedding almost 6 months ago (we’re 1 day shy of our six-month anniversary. Yay! Let the honeymoon continue!). Anyway, we think he’s a great guy and really enjoy talking with him and listening while he and Amos entertain themselves as much as they do the other patrons in the bar.

While India Oak has sort of the same vibe as those campus bars we hung out at a million years ago, it’s a little different. For one thing, we’re not 21 any longer and can’t blow off Friday. I don’t think our employers would be quite as indulgent as our college professors had no choice but to be.

Another difference is that Doug & Dino played ‘til the bar closed at 2AM – and we left the bar debating whose place was closest so we could continue the party. Mark & Amos finish up at 9PM, and, I won’t speak for anyone else, but I was exhausted and ready for bed! (When did that happen?)

Not only that, but it seems to take a whole lot more out of a person after only a coupla beers. This morning I’m sitting here thinking that perhaps a caffeine-laced IV infusion would be the way to go as I definitely need the jolt. The herbal tea that Vince tricked me into drinking this morning doesn’t seem to be doing the, uh, trick.

But it’s Friday and I take solace in the knowledge that I have an entire weekend ahead of me to catch up on my rest if I need it. I suspect that I will somehow recover the closer it gets to 5 o’clock.

Meanwhile, we racked up another evening in the “Fun” category. Thanks, Mark and Amos!

(And thank you, too, Doug and Dino for all those fond memories. I’ll remember ‘em for another million years!)

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