Friday, March 12, 2010

We Have to Do WHAT This Weekend?

It’s Friday, and I’ll be happy about that fact once I’m fully awake. I was up way too early this morning, not because I enthusiastically bounded out of bed to start the day, but because I was cold and shivering. And while I don’t think he’s willing to admit it, Vince stole all the covers. He did. Really. I took a little gander at the bed and realized that I had only one small corner of the comforter and the sheet. So I pulled over some covers – or at least tried to – before they were yanked back with Vince sleepily mumbling, “Now my feet are exposed.” Yeah, whatever. So I thought about the unfairness of the no covers situation, shivered for a while longer, and then gave up and got up.

I did, by the way, survey the lay of the land and the state of the bed before heading toward the bathroom and my morning routine. And, yes, all the covers were over on Vince’s side of the bed.

When I got out of the shower, Vince was already downstairs brewing the coffee, but I noticed he’d jumbled up all the bedclothes toward the middle of the bed. He never does that. I think he thinks he was foolin’ me…but I’m not buyin’, buddy!

Anyway, it made me smile so I just shrugged and then made the bed. There is a slight possibility that I made them just a little uneven with more on MY side to give me a fightin’ chance tomorrow morning, but I don’t think I’ll either confirm or deny those allegations.

But I will say that there are certain advantages to being the maker of the bed!

Fortunately, Vince plied me with enough coffee that I think it’s beginning to do the trick and I’m waking up.

But – oh man! I just realized that we “spring ahead” this weekend and we lose an hour of sleep. Looks like I’m gonna have to go to sleep by sunset to make sure I adjust. Either that or I’ll be building “nap-time” into the schedule this weekend to make up for that lost hour.

Times have certainly changed. In my 20s, the “spring ahead” thing was a pain only because it meant the bars closed an hour earlier and my friend Diana and I lost an hour of dance time. Now I can’t remember the last time I stayed out until the bars closed. Or danced, for that matter.

But that’s okay. I don’t think 20-somethings in the bars want to see a bleary-eyed, sleepy, up-wayyy-past-her-bedtime older person in the bars anyway. They’d be forced to take one look at me and think, hey, that’s what I’m gonna look like in 25 years! Nope, 20-somethings want to think they’ll stay young forever and the aging process only happens to other people. That’s what I thought, anyway. So not true!

But I’m okay with that. After all, there are advantages to getting older. Like no one will be surprised to hear I went to bed at sunset. Or that I took a nap. They may, however, be surprised to hear that I did both.

Gimme some covers, honey, it’s nap time.

Oh, and have a great weekend, everyone. Don’t forget to change your clocks.


  1. Hey Young Lady--Do I have to remind you that you are only as old as you feel!! I still am staying at 29 and loving it (51 times so far) and my past week-end on an Elderhostel had many great bennies beside the program itself. Going to a 20's something bar could have some advantages if you, as a woman, were trying to be a "cougar"or in my case just checking out the meat locker gets my heart racing and a line from an older looking gent does get the young ladies attention. Hang in there, Jane and fight to get your share of the covers and your Hubby's body warmth!! lol Uncle Mitch

  2. Uncle Mitch,

    I'm SINCERELY grateful to be married and, thus, unable to be in the running for the title of "cougar"! But, hey, you're right - you're only as old as you feel (today it's a "37" kinda day for me!). And if going to bars and looking at the 20-somethings gets your heart racing and you can consider it your workout for the day, more power to you! LOL

    Vince reminded me I could've snuggled up to him to get warm this morning. Now why didn't I think of that?!

    Thanks for reading. Have a good one - you young-at-heart guy, you!