Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring in Ohio

Okay, I get that I live in Ohio and we can expect at least one more snowfall after the calendar tells us plainly it’s SPRING. So I wasn’t too concerned when the weather report indicated we’d have an inch or two of snow on the ground when we woke up this morning. Actually, there was nearly that much before we went to bed last night, but I didn’t think there would be much more today.

There wasn’t. But there was ice. Now that’s a different story. Ice makes me flippin’ nervous!

I left at my normal time this morning thinking that it was warming up and the sun was out, so any snow or ice would be melting and I’d be okay. Not only that, but some of the schools are out for spring break and traffic has been lighter all week.

Silly optimistic me. It took me an hour and a half to drive what normally takes 20-25 minutes.

My first clue that the morning commute was not going to run smoothly was before I even got out of the subdivision when the truck in front of me couldn’t make it up the little incline at the cross street to make his turn. He gave it a good try but his wheels kept spinning on the ice. I backed up to give him room to get a running head start, which helped, but he did not make a pretty left turn. At least he didn’t end up in the ditch. I would’ve been required to help. I mean, you can’t watch someone drive into a ditch without offering some sort of assistance – right?

Fortunately, he went on his way and I turned right without a problem (yay front wheel drive!), but the next challenge was making it over the railroad tracks ahead. People were stopping ON THE TRACKS to help push other vehicles over the hill so they could slide down the other side. I didn’t require a push, thank God, but I did slide a bit.

By this point, I knew I was not going to make it to work on time, so being the good employee that I am, I called in to report my tardiness. (Yes, we could debate that a truly good employee would’ve left earlier, but…um…no…we’re not going to debate that point.) Nevertheless, I was looking forward to getting to the freeway where I was sure traffic would be moving normally.

When will I learn? Traffic was at a standstill before I even got off the exit, which is one of those moments you realize you probably should’ve made a different routing decision, but it’s now too late.

I saw one guy pulled off the road reading his newspaper, which I thought was an excellent idea, but I figured if I did the same, some errant driver would surely plow into the back end of my car.

So I plopped my Bluetooth in my ear and called Vince to have someone to talk to and keep me sane while I sat in traffic. I crept along giving Vince a mile-by-mile (or more accurately, an inch-by-inch) traffic report. Poor guy. He’d answered the phone because he was worried about me, but I’m guessing had he known how our conversation was going to go, he might’ve made another choice and let it go to voicemail.

Nah, he’s a sweetheart. When I thanked him for talking to me the whole time, he said, “That’s my job.” Wow. Again I say, he must not have known what he was getting into when he said “I do.” His answer might have been, “Hmmm…let me think about it and get back to you…!” My mom keeps telling him he’s spoiling me – and I keep telling her to stop telling him that. I think he knows, though, and he keeps doing it anyway. (Yeah, I think I’ll keep him!)

Anyway, I made it to work safe and sound. And I’m cheering on the sun to get to work on whatever snow and ice are left. After all, it’s Friday and I do not want an hour and a half commute home.

Happy Spring…yeahhh…riggght!

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  1. Spring is really teasing you guys!!! We have had up to 54 degrees the last few days - WONDERFUL!!! It's a bit colder now but it still gives you "a spring feeling". I have enjoyed the snow very much this winter. It has been so beautiful but ice on the roads? Yuck!! THAT I can be without!! Hope that your weather looks at the calender and starts warming up!!