Monday, March 15, 2010

Bring On The FreakBalls

Friday evening was one of those lazy, end-of-the-work-week nights where neither Vince nor I felt like cooking dinner. We didn’t want to order a pizza and we didn’t feel like burgers since we’d just had his famous (or at least infamous) sugar burgers a couple nights before. The salad I’d made for Vince’s lunch two days prior was still in the fridge and we could’ve shared that, I suppose, but we really weren’t in the mood for browning-as-we-speak lettuce and soggy cucumbers.

So we summoned some energy and headed out to grab a bite to eat at a place called “Jed’s Barbeque & Brew” at Crosswoods, It was, after all, Friday night and the beginning of the weekend. Par-tay, dude!

Okay, so we didn’t party like a rock star, but we did share a pitcher of beer. And we ordered something called “FreakBalls.”

I kid you not.

I mean, how can you not try something called “FreakBalls” with a menu featuring bizarre offerings like ThunderBalls, FungusBalls, HangoverBalls, and CajunBalls? They do have normal fare of sandwiches, burgers, pizza and the like, but – c’mon – we’re talkin’ Freakballs here!

The good folks at Jed’s must have figured that there were too many places out there selling chicken wings and chicken fingers and chicken nuggets. So they created FireBalls, which are boneless, skinless chicken CHUNKS (see the difference?) dunked in one of their specialty sauces and then arranged on a plate with whatever combination of foods makes up that particular “Ball.” FreakBalls, for example, are chicken chunks with fries and coleslaw all mixed together under a coating of shredded cheese.

Um. Excuse me. I’m feeling the need to go to the gym. Immediately.

Okay, I’m back. Whew! Hopefully that 3-hour session at the gym removed some of the clogging going on in my arteries. (Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t do the gym for 3 hours. Ever.)

Anyway, where were we? Oh, yeah. FreakBalls. I must tell you, they were surprisingly good. Who knew that you could mix chicken chunks, coleslaw and French fries together and they’d be so tasty?

We’re not talking a fine dining experience here, but you know what you’re getting into when you walk into a place with “Barbeque” and “Brew” in the joint’s name.

However, I will say that we enjoyed our experience. The owner/manager was standing in the entranceway as we entered. He greeted us and escorted us to a booth. And the wait staff (all attractive young women, naturally), are friendly, enthusiastic and good at their jobs.

So, while one probably shouldn’t make a regular habit of eating FreakBalls given their high not-so-good-for-you content, an occasional indulgence might be just the thing for a lazy, end-of-the-work-week dinner.

And tonight? Yeah, I’m thinkin’ tonight might be a salad night. No dressing. Maybe even just a single leaf of lettuce. Sigh…oh, the price we pay for a little FreakBall indulgence, eh?

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