Monday, May 6, 2013

Stupid Is as Stupid Does – The Sequel

So on Friday, I wrote a blog and titled it, “Stupid is as Stupid Does,” which was a line from the movie, Forrest Gump. 

In it, I said that we all do stupid things from time to time. I wrote about several stupid things people I know have done.  And because I know karma is a you-know-what, I added a couple anecdotes about stupid things I’ve done, although they were from long, long ago.

I mean, it was difficult to come up with anything stupid I’ve done recently. Me being such a smart…er…cookie, and all.

Yeah, and what did I just say about karma?  Uh huh.  So let me tell you the stupid thing I did just Saturday.

Vince and I were invited to a friend’s birthday celebration. There were three parts to the birthday – a happy hour, followed by the movie, Iron Man 3, followed by wings and beer at our favorite wings and beer place. Guests were invited to attend any or all activities and no RSVPs were required.

Well, Vince had to work on Saturday, so I figured we’d skip the happy hour. And movies based on comic books are not my favorite, so I decided to stay home for that. Besides, I hadn’t seen Parts 1 or 2, so I thought the plot might go over my head.  (Okay, not really. I mean, sure, I might not know prior antagonistic and/or romantic relationships, but I assumed there was going to be a lot of stuff getting blown up and a lot of bad guys getting punched – and I figured I could follow that plot-line.)

Nevertheless, I opted out of the movie.

So Vince arrived home just in time to head to the wings and beer place. We got there about 15 minutes before the stated start time, so we informed the manager that we were evidently the first people to arrive and that others would be there soon. Fortunately, the place was empty enough that they would be able to accommodate a larger group fairly easily. So we sat down and placed our order because it was getting late and neither of us had eaten dinner. 

After a while, Vince said, “Did you confirm with anyone that they were still planning to come here?” 

I said, “No…” and looked at him like I couldn’t believe he was questioning me on matters such as our social calendar.

I did say that it was a long celebration – and beer could be ordered throughout the movie, so who knows? Maybe they all decided that it was time to end the party after the movie.  We aren’t after all, spring chickens anymore and three-part birthday celebrations might be pushing it.

Well, Vince never leaves anything to chance.  So after a few more minutes, he sent a text to the birthday boy.  Immediately his phone rings and it’s the birthday boy’s wife – the one who set up the whole shindig.  Vince listens to her for a brief moment and then says, “Hold on…” and hands the phone to me.

So the first thing I hear is, “Jane…the party was last night.”

Wha…?  LAST night?  Arrrrgggghhhh! 

I couldn’t believe it! I mean, I pride myself on my organizational skills and I simply do not make these types of stupid mistakes! 

Not only that – but earlier in the day I’d even searched my emails to find the invite so I could confirm the correct times for all the activities.

Evidently, karma found me quicker than I imagined possible.

It wasn’t until today when I actually looked again at the email that I realized it's even worse than I thought. I mean, the date of the party is stated in the subject line. And it’s even typed in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Holy crap, I must be losin’ it.

The only thing I can say in my defense is that the birthday boy’s wife and I had discussed this birthday celebration only a week or so ago. And she told me she was planning it for Saturday night, which was the actual birthday of the birthday boy. Well, somehow between then and the day she sent out the invite, the date changed, even though the specific activities had not changed.

And I didn’t pay attention.

Our friends were just returning from their early Cinco de Mayo celebratory dinner and happened to be down the street from our location, so they came over to keep us company. I think they just wanted a chance to laugh at my stupidity, but were too polite to actually say so.

So we bought the birthday boy a beer to celebrate his birthday and we shared a few laughs, so it ended well.

But for the rest of the weekend, I mentally head slapped myself so much I gave myself a virtual headache. 

And in random odd moments, I’d heave a heavy sigh as I thought about what a stupid thing I’d done. After about the third heavy sigh Vince stopped asking me what I was sighing about. He knew.

He also knew that Part II of the Stupid Is as Stupid Does blog was going to have to be written. After all, what choice did I have? I needed to get karma off my back.

On the other hand, karma might have hopped off me and onto Vince.  Maybe once too often he rolled his eyes – or silently agreed a little too often that I’d done something really boneheaded stupid.

Because this morning when he was making our chocolate breakfast drink in the blender he forgot to put the lid on before pressing the Start button. Half our breakfast shot out of the blender. Yep, there was a veritable explosion of chocolate liquid coating the ceiling, window and cabinets. Not to mention the counter, mini-blinds and the liquid soap dispenser. Oh, and the bamboo plant, all our windowsill tchotchkes and…

Well, you get the point.

I guess what they say about karma is true.

Probably tomorrow I’m going to write a blog about bunnies and rainbows. And I won't say a single mean thing about either bunnies or rainbows. That shouldn’t pique the interest of karma.


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