Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Habits of Intelligent and Highly Creative People? Or Maybe it’s Just Another Blog About the Weather…

It’s May. And, according to my handy-dandy iPhone, it is currently 45 degrees outside. And it’s raining. As usual.

Sigh. Why is that I’ve been sighing so much over the weather lately? Oh yeah – because it has been rainy and cold since, well, maybe the last Ice Age. Which I think was in February. And, naturally, I did plenty of complaining about the snow and ice, then, too. So what’s new?

I guess I should at least be happy that I’m not wearing turtlenecks and heavy winter coats in May. Oh, wait a minute. I AM wearing a turtleneck today. On the other hand, I didn’t have to dig through bins and boxes to find it since I’ve been too lazy to make the transition to my spring and summer wardrobe. Inadvertently I somehow realized that we were going to have a sucky spring and I was going to need to keep my long-sleeve, high-necked, cold weather clothes handy. So who knows? Maybe I’ll put off switching my wardrobe until June this year.

This morning when I was sitting in the parking lot that was the freeway and attempting to see the road ahead through the smeary raindrops on my windshield, I had time to contemplate War and Peace. Okay, that’s not really true. I have never even attempted to read War and Peace. Not that the length of the tome intimidates me, but I’m more of a peace-lovin’ sort of person and I’m not really sure how much of it is about war. No, I kid again. I just mostly don’t want to get all tangled up in those unpronounceable Russian names or try to keep the characters straight. Plus, I might feel like I have to write a book report on it afterwards since War and Peace seems like one of those English Lit requirement type books.

Uh…besides…I’m busy reading the latest James Patterson novel, which only takes approximately ten and a half minutes to read from cover to cover.

Anyway, the truth was I had plenty of time while I was sitting in my car this morning inching along towards downtown to really take a good look at the interior of my vehicle. And I was quite appalled. I mean, the passenger side of my car is so filled with stuff that it looks like I’m moving and am in the process of hauling a carload of my possessions to a new home. Since we’re not in the process of moving, I can’t use that excuse.

Some of the stuff legitimately needed to be there. Like my purse, for instance. But if you’ve ever read my blogs before, you know my purse is pretty much suitcase-sized. So that right there takes up a lot of room on the passenger seat. Also sharing space on the seat was my lunch bag. And my gym bag. And we can’t forget about that James Patterson book. Plus I think there was a bag filled with either important papers or trash. Or maybe both in the same bag. Which means that sometime before the next Ice Age (February), I will need to sort through it. Let’s just hope I didn’t throw a half-eaten banana or something in there. Eww.

On the floor, there are a couple gift bags for friends – like a baby outfit for a friend whose child will likely be entering middle school before I get around to shipping it. But the delay might have its benefits, too. Like maybe by then the “fuel surcharge” won’t be three times what the outfit cost.

Of course, I can only imagine the look of confusion on the recipient’s face were she to open a package containing a baby outfit intended for her 10-year-old.

Oh well. Someone recently sent me one of those e-mail forwards with photos of messy desks of famous intelligent and highly creative people. Like Einstein. And…well, I can’t think of any of the others. But they were intelligent and highly creative famous people. And they had really messy desks.

So it makes me wonder. Does having a messy car mean the same thing – that I’m intelligent and highly creative? Or does it just mean that I’m a slob?

Don’t answer that. Remember – I’m cranky. It’s May and I’m wearing a turtleneck.

But I’m thinking that maybe I’ll clean out my car tonight. Or at least go through the bag with the half-eaten banana. That’s kind of grossing me out. (And I don’t really think there IS a half-eaten banana in it - but the thought is grossing me out anyway.)

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