Friday, November 20, 2015

Nothing in Life is Ever Really Free

This morning I received an offer from Shutterfly for a free 2016 calendar. And I thought, hey…you know…free is good. So even though my sister makes us a “Chloe Calendar” every year featuring photos of my favorite niece and her activities from the previous year, and I look forward to receiving this annual keepsake, I figured we could always use another calendar. 

So I thought I would take advantage of the offer.

But, oh em gee!  If I had but known how many blasted hours this little project was going to take, I would’ve clicked right on by that free offer!

Finding photos to include on the monthly pages was one thing…but then finding individual photos to insert on special days (birthdays and anniversaries) was quite another.

Not only that, but then I had to do the thinking thing and figure out whose birthday and anniversary was when.

Oh, sure, I know off the top of my head when my parents’ and siblings’ birthdays are – I’ve had that information stored in the old noggin’ since pretty much the third grade.  And adding spouses and children was not a major effort as the numbers are limited and my long-term memory is still not too bad.

Heck, I can still recall the birthday of my best friend from second grade, even though I lost track of her somewhere around the mid-70s and have no earthly clue where she is now. (But FYI, Michelle - I’ll still be wishing you a mental happy birthday next July 8th!) 

But start adding Vince’s family (in-laws, steps, halfs and everything in between), friends (his, mine and ours), and extended family (is six degrees of separation too far out?), and, well, I fear I’ve started something I’ll never finish in time to claim my free offer!

Oh, and there are, of course, stipulations on the “free” offer. Like, for instance, I only have until Monday to finish this calendar and place the order.  And, while I haven’t checked yet, I suspect I’ll end up paying for shipping.  So if I find out it’s a lot of moolah to ship one measly little calendar, I may not end up ordering the thing at all.


Suddenly, the idea of spending $12.95 for a pre-made calendar at the local mall is starting to sound really good.

But, knowing me, I’ll soldier on with this little project until it’s completed.  I may be a procrastinator and it takes me forever to start a project, but I’m pretty tenacious once I actually dig in. 

I guess this means I should stop writing and get back to work. 

…now where did I put that photo of Great Aunt Matilda on my dad’s side? I think she’s his third cousin once removed.  She should definitely be in the calendar – right? 

Lord, help me.