Friday, February 6, 2015

Right Star. Wrong Flick.

Last night Vince and I went to see a Kevin Costner film. We both thought it was the one where he is a teacher and coach in a small southern California town who forms a cross-country team of predominantly Latino students. These kids run really, really fast and end up winning lots of competitions. We had previously seen the preview and thought it might be a good movie.

Instead, we saw Kevin Costner as a grandfather of an adorable biracial little girl who is being raised by Costner’s character and his wife. The wife dies unexpectedly, though it’s not terribly sad as it happens at the beginning and we never actually meet her.  But the rest of the film involves a custody battle with the other grandmother, played by Octavia Spencer.

Yeah, this was the wrong flick.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy Black or White. It had a good message and I think it was well done.  I even shed a tear or two at the end (proof in Jane’s Domain that it was a good movie).

It’s just that when you go to the theater, you sort of have an idea of what you’re going to see, don’t you? You gear up for an action film or a science fiction flick or a romantic comedy. And if it’s one of those weepy chick flick movies, you come prepared with a fistful of extra Kleenex.

Well, we walked in expecting to see a feel-good movie about a group of kids who become track stars. 

And for the first fifteen minutes or so, I waited for Kevin Costner to make a big change in his life after the death of his wife and move to a new town where he starts coaching.  Figured he’d just bring his little granddaughter along, although she was a surprise as I didn’t remember her in the preview.

Uh. Never happened.

At about the 20 minute mark, I had to readjust my thinking and settle in for an entirely different movie. This was not easy to do. Especially since I sensed Vince’s frustration as he is not a big fan of stories about custody battles.

So I learned my lesson. I had done so much research on the best theaters (the closest ones with the comfy recliners) and the best start times (which would allow us enough time for dinner beforehand, but not so much time that we’d get home late and have to immediately go to sleep), that I forgot to actually read the synopsis of the movie. Nor did I apparently pay much attention to the title of the film, as that is sort of a hint.

Yeah, apparently my research ended with the photo of Kevin Costner as the star.  But, c’mon. Who knew the man is still such a big star that he has two movies coming out in the first quarter of 2015?

Guess I shouldn’t make such assumptions, eh?  Vince would prefer it, I’m sure.
On the other hand, at least I didn't inadvertently drag Vince to a weepy chick flick. He would’ve walked out in protest and watched American Sniper for the second time.

Besides, I had no extra Kleenex for the weepy chick flick.

So, anyway. If you’re up for a movie in the next few days and you’re a fan of either Kevin Costner or Octavia Spencer, go see Black or White. I think you’ll like it.  But just know that there is no running in the movie.

Oh, and if you want to see a movie about cross country track stars? That one is called McFarland, USA – but it doesn’t open until February 20th.

You’re welcome.

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