Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter. It’s Baaackkkk!

 According to the little handy-dandy temperature gauge in my car, yesterday’s high was 70 degrees. Fahrenheit. And it was sunny. I turned off the seat warmers and turned on the A/C.  What an absolute treat it was. 

I enjoyed running errands on my lunch break and I didn’t even need my spring coat. I smiled at people and – shockingly – most smiled back.  People were practically skipping as they headed toward the store’s entrance. You can’t skip during the winter when you’re wearing Uggs and trying to avoid piles of dirty, frozen snow. 

So skipping they were. (In my story, anyway.)  

Okayyy, perhaps I shouldn’t just blatantly make things up.  So here’s the truth: if they weren’t technically skipping, they definitely had a spring in their step.

Hey, I just figured out where that saying probably comes from. A Midwesterner must have coined that phrase sometime around March on a random, sunny, warm-ish day after a particularly brutal winter.

And today’s weather?  Well, today is a different story. It’s raining out. And it’s supposed to snow later. I think.  I am trying to ignore the weather forecasters and the news in general as I do not want to get depressed.

I KNEW it was going to rain today even if I hadn’t heard the rumors.  Why?  Because I washed my car yesterday for the first time all winter. I was surprised to discover that it was white.  I was sort of under the impression that “dingy” was a color.

Oh well. It’s not like this weather surprises me.  After all, I live in Ohio. Cars aren’t the only things around here that can go from 0 to 60 in two-point-three seconds. 
So we’ll deal with yet another snowstorm and eventually spring will show up. Yeah, sure.  Maybe sometime around mid-May. 

No matter. The longer winter hangs on, the happier people will be when spring finally arrives.

And maybe…just maybe…we’ll see someone actually skip.

We can only hope.

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