Monday, February 6, 2012

The Nasty Germs Got Me!

You know that moment when you realize you’re getting sick? When you’re actually aware of the glands in your neck (the very same glands that never ever cross your mind except when you’re sick)? When your eyes feel scratchy and there’s that vague headachy feeling behind them? And when you’ve sneezed for the third time in as many minutes – and there isn’t one little speck of ragweed lying in wait – so you know it’s not your allergies kicking in.

Yeah, that’s where I am right now. I’m pretty sure I’m getting sick and, given that it’s Friday, I’m pretty bummed out about it. There’s nothin’ worse than being sick all weekend. Well, except for maybe getting sick on Monday morning and then having to work all week while coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose and feeling pretty much like doody.

So I suppose there are worse things than having the opportunity to rest and drink plenty of liquids all weekend long. Maybe by the time Monday rolls around I will be feeling a bit better.

Of course, I could be jumping the gun and the cold I’m trying to catch won’t really take hold. After all, I’ve been popping Airborne pills and Vitamin C tablets and every other non-proven cold remedy known to man for days now.

Why? Well, because Vince has a cold, which he has been enduring and dealing with for the past five days. Poor guy. Guess it’s a good thing we bought that ginormous pallet of Kleenex at Costco the other week.

Fortunately, he’s started feeling a bit better in the past 24 hours so we think he’s going to make it. Yay. And since I hadn’t yet gotten sick, I sort of figured that I was in the clear.

Heck, I’ve been so enthusiastically patting myself on the back for having avoided catching his cold, I’ve risked a rotator cuff injury. Hmph. Perhaps I was a bit premature in my self-congratulations?

But, hey, it seemed reasonable that his cold passed me by. Because, I mean, I’ve spent so much time this past week washing my hands that they’re now dry, scaly and practically crunchy. And I’ve become hyper-aware of keeping my hands away from my eyes, nose and mouth, which is hard to do because apparently I rub my eyes, nose and mouth a lot – especially when I know I shouldn’t because it’s a good way to introduce nasty cold germs into your formerly healthy body. Not only that, but Vince and I have been living like distant roommates all week with only an occasional wave to each other from across the room.

On the other hand, his sneezes are amazingly forceful and so incredibly loud that they can startle someone a block away. Seriously. Whenever he sneezes, the cats run and hide. So I’m sure that his germs have managed to infiltrate my sinuses despite all my efforts at keeping my hands away from my face.


Oh well. It’s not like it’s his fault. Usually I’m the one who catches the cold first and then passes it on to him.

Other than being a little quieter than usual and heading to bed earlier than normal, Vince has been a great patient. He’s eaten his chicken noodle soup and taken his Nyquil in the evening and Dayquil in the morning. And he hasn’t complained too much.

So if I have, in fact, caught his cold, I’m going to do my best to refrain from whining about it.

I just hope we still have some Nyquil left in the medicine cabinet. I have a feeling I’m gonna need it.

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