Friday, September 16, 2011

This 'n' That

So life has been fairly hectic the past few weeks and I’ve sadly neglected my little blog here. We’ve been through the Labor Day holiday, our second wedding anniversary, a couple days' getaway in a little 1-room cabin with no phone or Internet service, my birthday, and a wedding that we were (okay, I was) probably overly involved with. I figured I’d come back this week relieved to merely have “work” on the schedule with nothing else planned except to catch up on life and catch my breath.

Instead, life seems to be even more hectic. I have dinner plans with three friends in the next week and lunch plans with two more. The weekend is going to be busy with get-togethers with various friends Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And Sunday afternoon we’re also supposed to go bowling with Vince’s son, whose primary focus is to see how many miles per hour he can heave the ball down the lane. (His record so far? 20 MPH. Mine? Oh, maybe somethin’ like 8.2…if I’m lucky.) He evidently doesn’t care so much about his final score, although I’m sure he doesn’t want it to be less than three digits.

So while I’m looking forward to this weekend and getting together with folks we haven’t seen in a while, I’m not finding a lot of spare time in the schedule to either write blogs – or catch up on the dusting. This means that you’ll be starting out on Monday without a pithy observation of life from me and Vince and I will be starting out on Monday with the same ol’ dust bunnies under the bed.

To the former I apologize, but I trust that you will have something of interest to read other than those “Please copy & paste this to your status if…’ notices on Facebook. And to the latter, I say it’s a good thing I never look under the bed.

I suppose I could tackle a chore or two early in the morning on Saturday, but I’ve been informed by my darling husband that we’re going to the doctor’s office before dawn’s early light to get our ‘flu shots. What happened to stopping by the Kroger pharmacy at a more civilized time – like, say, noon-ish? Oh well. I suppose it’s a good idea to get those ‘flu shots as early as possible so hopefully we can avoid catching any cooties this winter.

By the by, ask me if I have seen or plan to see that new movie, Contagion. Go on – ask me. (Aw, Thanks so much for asking.) My answer? Noooo, not on your life! I have a tendency or two toward hypochondria and I don’t want to ever think that the scratchy throat I wake up with some morning is the start of some evil quick-acting disease that will ravage me and my loved ones and turn us into zombie-like creatures who turn to dust as soon as we’re exposed to sunlight.

Well, okay, so perhaps I’ve rolled the plots of several different movies into one, but you catch my drift. I’d rather watch just about any chick flick out there than to watch Gwyneth Paltrow flop around on a gurney and then die a swift, ugly death quickly followed by legions of other folks so that the world’s population is reduced to a lucky few.

Not my kinda film, thank you.

Not that we’ll have time this weekend to watch any movies. Unless we plan to stay up until 3AM, which doesn’t sound like a good plan to me. If I find any spare moments, I’d probably spend them reading “The Help” that I’ve handily downloaded to my new iPad. Which I love. Both the book and the iPad.

If I find any other spare moments, I’ll probably shovel out my car. It is once again looking like a landfill. And Vince wants someone to fix the dent in the passenger door next week. Egads. There’s a whole lot more wrong with the vehicle than that little dent. Like I suspect that the number of blonde hairs that have fallen off my head and onto the floor mats would be just about enough to fashion a decent wig.

Yeah, I pretty much think that if the “Dent Doctor” were to take a gander at the inside of my car in its current state, he’d be shaking his head and wondering why the heck we were bothering with a little dent on the outside of the vehicle.

And I’m thinking that I should probably mop up that bit of barbecue sauce that leaked out of a take-home bag one night last February. I hadn’t realized it until maybe March and I tried to clean it up then, but barbecue sauce in its frozen state is not easy to clean up without a pickaxe. In June – the next time I tried to clean it up – it was gummy and nasty – and I got only a little bit up before I gave up.

Wonder if a straight edge razor would work? Sure the carpet might be a little thin in that area, but I suspect it’d be better than looking at a blob of Sweet Baby Ray’s.

So, you can clearly see I’m all over the map. I need to find a few minutes and center myself and possibly come up with a single subject to write about. Sure, I’ll get right on that centering thing. Right after I clear out those dust bunnies under the bed.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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