Thursday, April 7, 2011

Signs of Spring

It’s spring!

Wait, let me say that again – IT’S SPRING!!!


Yeah, yeah, I know that according to the trusty calendar, our spring equinox officially occurred on March 20th. But try telling that to us poor folk who have continued to endure frigid temperatures and snowflakes and hail since March 20th.

So how do I know it’s spring? Well, for one thing, my nose is itching like crazy. That right there is a sure sign.

And this morning I sneezed 3.25 times. (The .25 accounts for when I did the “ah…ah…” part of the sneeze, but the “…choo!” didn’t transpire. Sooo frustrating!)

So I popped an allergy pill and went on with my day. But at lunchtime I walked outside and was startled to see that pink buds had magically appeared on the flowering tree outside my office. Now, come on. I swear, I’m not that oblivious – and if there had been pink buds on that tree this morning, I surely would have noticed!

There are other signs that spring is really here, too. Like, for instance, I heard birds happily chirping away in the trees. Don’t ask me how I know that the birds are happy when they are chirping, but the sound is distinctively different than when I hear birds making noises ‘round ‘bout February. In February, bird chirps sound a little more desperate. Personally, I think they’re chirping, WHY OH WHY DIDN’T I MOVE SOUTH FOR THE WINTER WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE??

Plus, there are construction zones and orange barrels popping up all over town. Burly men in neon yellow vests with reflective tape are everywhere. I swear they’ve tripled in number overnight. Frankly, it’s a little creepy because I’m worried about aliens taking over our planet. Who knew that the prime objective of aliens would be to screw up my commute to and from work?! Oh well. Probably I shouldn’t admit that I think those guys in neon yellow are aliens. I’ll have psychoanalysts forwarding me their business cards and recommending therapy.

But I really wasn’t discussing my mental state of mind. I was talking about spring. Which, actually is a whole other state of mind entirely. In the winter we use words like “trudge” and “slog.” Or at least I do. We long for sunshine and warmth. I mean, how many times during the winter do you wish you could hear those lovely spring sounds of lawnmowers (as long as you’re not the one mowing), children frolicking in the park (as long as you’re not the one supervising), and dogs barking (as long as you’re not following said dog with the plastic poo bag)?

Another sure sign of spring are the walkers and runners in the park. There were a whole lot more of them out there as I drove past the park today. And I’m not talking about those crazy dedicated few who will run even if it’s minus zero and have to highstep over frozen mounds of icy snow piled up by the snowplows. Those people are just nuts. But maybe they have that “runner high” that makes them forget that it’s (a) freakin’ freezing, and (b) freakin’ winter.

And, finally, I know it’s spring because I’m actually looking at the strappy sandals on the DSW website and am thinking about placing an order for shoes that shouldn’t be worn with either knee highs or tights. Sure, DSW sends me e-mails all winter long featuring their spring and summer line, but when it’s 20 degrees outside, I cannot even contemplate open-toed shoes.

So I’m pleased to see these signs because they are a sure indication that spring is really here. Now all I have to do is wait for the grass to turn green. And I’d like to see a flower or two. And I’d be ever so grateful if I didn’t have to don my winter coat again until next November. (December would be even better, but I’m not that optimistic.)

In the meantime, I may join the folks taking a walk in the park. I’ll ask for forgiveness for calling hardworking people in neon yellow vests “aliens.” I’ll be sure to pay attention to any new flowering trees and plants – and enjoy the beauty of our newly awakened earth. And I may go ahead and indulge in a pair of new spring sandals from DSW.

But I can assure you I won’t be following any dogs around with a poo bag. Winter hasn't made me that crazy.

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  1. Strappy sandals are going to be hotter than the weather this spring! Nice pick shoe lover!