Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time Crunch

I have so much stuff to get done in the next two days that I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin. I don’t know why this is, unless I’m somehow trying to clone myself so I can get twice as much done in half as much time. Or possibly the caffeine in that second can of Diet Dr. Pepper I drank at lunchtime is doin’ its thing and I’m just buzzed.

Doesn’t matter. Even though I’m twitching like an amped-up college student studying for finals, I’m still not accomplishing any more than if I were cool, calm, collected and caffeine-free.


We’re heading out of town for a family wedding this weekend and I’m really looking forward to seeing the cousins “up north.” But we’re leaving directly after work on Thursday and I haven’t even started packing! I guess time just got away from me this week and I’ve run out of nights to get essential things done like laundry and packing and bill paying.

I’d have left a long list for Vince to do this evening while I’m at my essential hair appointment, but the poor guy has been working a lot of hours the past few days and I don’t want to overwhelm him. Especially since I’m expecting him to pack his own bag this trip. (I figure it’s the safer route. Then, if he runs out of boxers before he runs out of weekend, it won’t be my fault!) The only flaw in that plan is that it could be entirely possible that he’ll forget to pack his dress shoes, which means he’d be wearing flip flops with his suit.

Having said that, you watch – I’ll be the one forgetting my dress shoes and I’ll end up wearing hot pink Keds with my outfit, which does not remotely involve the color hot pink. And I don’t think I have quite the panache to pull off that look.

In an attempt to avoid the hot-pink-tennis-shoes-at-a-wedding faux pas, I made a long list to work on this evening. After I get home from my essential hair appointment, of course, which cannot be rushed. Much of my to-do list centers around packing because it is, after all, my highest priority. It would not do to show up in Northern Michigan with a simple pair and a spare. You never know what the weather will be like up there. While I may pack a pair of sandals, I'm also thinking about bringing my fleece hoodie and a pair of mittens – just in case.

That might mean that I'll have to bypass the “weekender” bag for the steamer trunk. Sadly, I've been known to frighten relatives when I show up with enough luggage to to get me through at least the next two of the four seasons. I'm sure they think I'm planning to move in permanently. The sad thing is that my clothing choices primarily center around the color black so why I need so many articles of black clothing, well, it's a mystery to me, too.

But it's now after 2AM and I've gotten things handled. Sort of. I managed to clean out and organize my suitcase of a purse and I have piles of clothing on the spare bed awaiting that steamer trunk. Bills have been paid. The fleece jackets are already stowed in the car. And I also have a load of clothes in the washing machine waiting to be dried. But, again, 2AM – can't wake up Vince.

Guess that caffeine buzz lasted a LONG time. I'm just going to have to hope that I get another caffeine buzz first thing in the morning or the day is not gonna be pretty. There may be ugly bags under my eyes, but seein' as how I had my essential hair appointment – at least my hair will look fabulous!


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