Friday, September 3, 2010

T.G.I.F...or Maybe...Bon Jour?

I’m happy to report that leaving 5 minutes earlier in the morning did the trick. There was not a single infernal yellow school bus in sight! Now if I could only time my morning departure to that exact moment every single day, I’d be golden. (Yeah, good luck with that, Jane…)

Oh, but I also got to work 15 minutes early. Weird, huh? Even if I do leave at the exact same time every day, I’m sure the traffic patterns will be different and my arrival time will vary.

Oh well. At least – for today – I had absolutely no stress on my drive in to work.

Instead, I’m having computer issues. I got up an hour earlier this morning to work on my computer and everything kept freezing. I shut the annoying machine off and then turned it back on several times before it seemed to reset itself. But by then, of course, it was time to leave for work. Lovely.

And then I get to work and start to Spell Check a document – and my Spell Check is checking in French. Huh? I ask you – how did that happen? I think I would have remembered if I’d changed the language from English to French. Wonder if someone is messing with me? Or maybe this is some weird cosmic payback for that time in fourth grade when I got mad at my best friend over something stupid and I wouldn’t talk to her for three days.

So now…what? I have to carefully read every word of my document to make sure there are no spelling errors? Holy crap – this document is 65 pages long. Reading it word for word could take a long time!

On the other hand, it might be kind of fun. I could choose every word it suggests as an alternative. Monsieur Snuffleman might think his status has been elevated from plain ol’ Mister. Of course, I don’t speak French (other than a vague recollection of learning to count to 10 when I was in elementary school), so the potential dangers in switching words from English to French in a business document could be high.

Besides, the basic premise of doing a spell check is flawed whether in English or French. Why? Well, because I rarely make typos – so there’s nothing to check.


(Okay, PLEASE don’t point out any errors you have recently found…!)

And…um…that’s all I got. My mind is sort of a blank right now. Call it an age thing. Call it a sleep-deprived thing. Call it the Friday before the long holiday weekend thing – whatever. I just want to get the party started. Hopefully our office will close before the 5 o’clock bell…

…just as long as my drive home doesn’t coincide with any of those infernal yellow school buses!

Have a great holiday weekend all!

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