Friday, August 13, 2010

Ready…Set…GO! Oh, Wait...STOP!

This has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in quite a while. On Tuesday night Vince and I spent a pleasant evening visiting with some of his “long-time” friends. (This is, you know, a better way of saying it at our age than calling anyone “old” friends!) On Wednesday I met some of my former Ross coworkers for dinner and lots of laughs. And last night I had a girls’ night out that included a chick flick with a good friend I’ve known since we were 18 and freshmen together at Ohio State. And tomorrow evening we have invited another couple over to partake in some of Vince’s yummy barbecue ribs.

Oh, and tonight? Well, I’m so hoping that tonight is a stay-at-home-and-relax sort of evening. Guess I truly am getting old and can’t hack the constant on-the-go schedule I used to enjoy only a few short years ago.

My schedule used to be: Bowling on Mondays, Trivia on Tuesdays, dinner with one female friend or another on Wednesdays, Euchre on Thursdays and the inevitable parties and get-togethers that were scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays. Oh, and somewhere in there I fit in three workouts every week.

These days, just reading that schedule makes me tired!

When Vince and I first met he said he wondered how he could possibly fit into my busy social life. Ah, but he discounted true love. He and I started spending so much time together that my regularly scheduled activities started lessening – but so slowly I barely noticed. It certainly wasn’t due to Vince because he was more than willing to join in on most of these gatherings.

Well, except maybe for the “girls’ night out” thing. He was sort of barred from those as he possessed a decided lack of estrogen. I’m sure he wasn’t heartbroken about missing the chick flicks we were intent upon seeing anyway!

The first change to the schedule was that I started missing Trivia at BW3s with the Trivia Gang. At first it was an occasional miss here and there if I needed to catch up on my sleep because I’d had a particularly hectic schedule the weekend before.

But then I noticed it was getting harder to play Trivia because I couldn’t really see the TV monitors as clearly when I wore my glasses (yeah, the whole 20/20 vision correction thing is sort of a joke for me…). And if I wore contacts, I couldn’t see my player box very clearly because my contacts didn’t have the evil-but-necessary bifocal correction.

Oh, and let’s throw in “half deaf” too, just for fun! I couldn’t hear the answers called out by members of our group unless the “smart one” happened to be sitting to my right. It was frustrating scoring thousands of points less than my cohorts when we were playing the same game! (Not that I’m competitive or anything!)

Eventually, I stopped attending entirely. Were I to show up now, the gang would probably fall off their stools in shock. I do sometimes miss those evenings, however. Does the gang miss me? Oh sure, I suppose whenever the odd “TV/Movie” or “Best-selling Novel” question arises, but on the whole I think they’re probably managing to figure out most of the answers just fine without my added, uh, expertise.

The next scheduling change was Monday night bowling. I’d been on a league that didn’t even start until 9:30 at night – so I didn’t get home until nearly midnight. Being an affirmed night owl this late schedule didn’t particularly bother me. And then suddenly it did. So, after I sadly turned in my membership card to the International Night Owl organization, I opted out of my late night bowling league and switched to a more reasonable Sunday bowling league that was finished by 9PM.

And then Euchre went by the wayside. Started out as “I’m just taking a break this session” but I’ve never re-upped for the next session. That was over a year ago.

Sigh. What has happened to me?!

When I was single, I used to wonder how my married friends could be so busy that they couldn’t get together for one measly dinner with me every coupla months…but I have to admit that, well, now I sort of understand it a little better. It’s not that Vince and I jam-pack our evenings with all sorts of busy activities, but it is nice to be able to spend quiet evenings at home having dinner together and talking about our day. Guess that makes me an old married lady now?

Oh well. I don’t really mind. There is a time and a place for everything in this life, and I certainly can’t complain that I’ve missed out on much. I’ve just moved on to a new stage in life. And tonight – that new stage is called “stay-at-home-and-relax.” No membership card required.

As for you, well, I hope you have a great weekend – whatever you do and however you spend it!

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