Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainy Days and Car Keys (Always Get Me Down)

It’s rainy and dreary today – and I’m wearing gray…so I’m sorta feelin’ blue. Ha. Apparently, I should have opened the curtains this morning to check on the weather. If I had, I probably would have selected something far brighter to wear – like hot pink or lime green. And that might have altered my mood.

Interesting how that works, eh?

So, instead of buzzing around getting a million tasks handled simultaneously, I’m slumped over my keyboard wishing I had another mega-cup of caffeine instead of slurping my umpteenth glass of boring ol’ water. Damn gray jacket. All it’s fault.

Oh well. At least I wasn’t my coworker today who lost her spare car key and the entire staff spent 45 minutes looking for it. Oh, and it was her spare car key because she lost her original set of keys a couple weeks ago. She even knows when she had them last and has searched repeatedly, but simply cannot find them. So it was sort of important for her to find her spare car key today as she wasn’t going to get anywhere without it.

So where did we finally find the car key? In another coworker’s trash can. Huh?? Why would you even throw something away in another office when you have your own perfectly good office trash can to throw things like spare keys in?

That’s not something I would do. No, I just leave my car keys in the ignition. Did that the other night. I didn’t even notice until the next morning as I was dashing out the door on my way to work. I shook my purse to listen for the jangling of my car keys and didn’t hear them. So I looked in the handy-dandy wooden box affixed to the wall where I’m supposed to keep my car keys on the off-chance that I actually put them away properly the night before. Naturally, I had not. So I started getting a little frantic as I do not allow extra time in the morning schedule to play hide-n-seek with my car keys. I scrabbled through my suitcase of a purse until Vince calmly pointed out that I do, in fact, have a spare car key. Oh. Yeah.

Fortunately, the spare key was in its proper spot in the handy-dandy wooden box affixed to the wall. As I reached my car, Vince called out that he bet they were in the ignition. And he was right. I hate when that happens, because it’s usually when I’ve done something boneheaded. But oh well. At least I hadn’t left the key in the “on” position and drained the battery. Or even worse – left the car running!

Don’t laugh. I did that once. I was running a meeting first thing in the morning, so I wanted to get to the office in plenty of time to get things set up. I parked my shiny new car in the parking garage and hustled the two blocks to the office. Once I reached the office, I realized I didn’t have my keys as I couldn’t unlock the office door. Luckily, someone else came in just then and opened the office – so I started preparing for my meeting. Figured I would search for my keys later.

Well, it was about an hour after the meeting ended and I thought again about my keys. I searched through my belongings, but couldn’t find them. So I walked back to the parking garage and up to my car. Started searching on the ground for them. No dice. Looked through the windows at the seats thinking I may have put them down. No luck. Somehow or other, I touched the hood of the car – and it was warm! So it was only then that I realized that the keys were in the ignition and the car was running! As I said, it was a new car – and the thing was so quiet that I didn’t even realize it was running! Fortunately, I had locked the door; otherwise, I may have come back to an empty parking spot! The parking attendant had his slim jim thingie that opened the door in about two seconds, which made me grateful that I was able to gain access so I could shut off the car and retrieve my keys…but also made me realize how easy it was to gain access to anyone’s car – locked or otherwise. Scary.

Anyway, I am happy to report that I have never again pulled that stunt. Obviously, there are other boneheaded things I’ve done that I could tell you about – but I think I’ve admitted to enough for now!

In the meantime, I am still slurping boring ol’ water and staring out at the drizzly, dreary day and wishing I was wearing my hot pink jacket. On the other hand, maybe bright clothes still wouldn’t help brighten the day. Too bad I can’t bag it all and go home and take a nap!

Ah well…it’s okay. Tomorrow is gonna be a brighter day. I’m already planning what to wear – and it ain’t gonna be gray. Come on sunshine!

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