Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Update...

This past weekend was rather uneventful because we were still coughing and blowing our noses. Vince is sneezing louder and coughing longer and his voice is an octave lower, though, as his cold is just revving up while my cold is waning. Wasn’t it nice of me to share?! Maybe he should try the apple cider vinegar cure. If he does, and it works, I might even give it a shot the next time I catch a cold.

Or maybe not. I still can’t imagine actually drinking apple cider vinegar.

But anyway, I was feeling well enough during the day on Saturday to dust a little, pay some bills, wash some clothes and clean a coupla bathrooms. That’s a very good thing as the Bathroom-Cleaning Fairy hasn’t shown up in a while. Maybe she’s been off cleaning, I don’t know, restrooms at truck stops along I-71 or something and she’s too tired to make it to our place. All I knew is that I couldn’t wait for her any longer, so I had to haul out the scrub brush and the scrubbing bubbles and get to work myself.

By the time I was done with all those tasks, though, I was all done in and collapsed on the couch. You shouldn’t, by the way, believe those cute little scrubbing bubbles…they do not do all the work.

We ended up staying home Saturday night so sadly I didn’t get to see how big I could make my hair in an effort to recreate the 80’s. Oh darn – we didn’t get the chance to embarrass ourselves. Ah well, at least we don’t have to worry about any incriminating photographic evidence proving that we really should have left the 80’s back in, well, the 80’s.

Still, we were sorry we weren’t there to help our friend celebrate her birthday. I’m sure she had a big group of well-wishing friends by her side wearing their best leg warmers and Wayfarer sunglasses – and I can only hope we get to see some photographic documentation. I’m not above giggling at the expense of others. (Yes, I should be ashamed of myself.)

We decided that Sunday would be our busy day of the weekend. Since we’d spent the previous week sticking close to home in the evenings in an effort to convalesce, our list of errands was growing ever longer. So we sat down and mapped out a plan for the day that started with Church and ended with Costco.

There is, after all, only so long one can wait before replenishing the Kleenex, particularly if excessive nose-blowing is occurring in the household. Not only that, but there is only so long one can call in sick from St. Andrew’s. We figured we were in need of a spiritually uplifting sermon and, besides, we couldn’t wait to shake hands with our fellow parishioners and partake in the communal cup of wine. (I joke. We were careful to cough into our non-hand-shaking hands and we only dipped into the wine with our wafers rather than taking big swigs out of the cup itself. We were, after all, trying to be good Christians. I think we’re supposed to spread the Good Word and not the Bad Germs!)

After church and a sufficient amount of spiritual uplifting, we felt ready to tackle our “to-do” list. Our first stop did not result in our checking anything off the list because they didn’t have the item we were looking for. This is not happy news to a list-maker who enjoys nothing more than crossing things off her list! But, we gamely moved on.

Our next stop was at Staples and we weren’t successful there either, so we started getting a little discouraged. It’s not a good thing for a clerk to say, “Look on our website – maybe we sell it there.” I wanted to snap at the guy, “Listen, buddy-boy, if we’d wanted to buy it online, we could’ve stayed home in our flippin’ PJs and done so!” I also could’ve added, “By the way, that big red 'Easy' Button you guys advertise with? Um…not so much!”

But I didn’t say any of that. After all, I’d just finished adjusting my halo in the House of God. Yeah, right. Like not sneezing on a fellow parishioner is enough to earn a halo. Oh well. We will not be discussing the status of my soul today, okay?

Let’s just move on to the third stop on our list. It was, by the way, unscheduled. And it was pretty much the most successful of our stops. We found two items there that we’d figured we’d have to search for in two separate shops, so I happily crossed them both off my list. How sad is my life when I take such great pleasure in accomplishing so little?! Yet it was a beautiful sunny day, and we were happy to be out and about and not at home looking at each other in bleary misery.

We finally ended up at Costco, a store that is virtually impossible to leave without a substantially lighter wallet. At least we knew we were going to be hit in the pocketbook since we hadn’t been there in a while. I think it’s worse when you go in with three items on your list and walk out having spent the equivalent of a small car payment all the while shaking your head and wondering what the heck had just happened.

After our final stop at Walgreens to stock up on several cases of Day- and Ny-Quil, we headed home, exhausted but happy that we managed to accomplish most of the tasks on our list.

Once the perishables were unpacked, however, I was once again done in and once again collapsed on the couch. And that, pretty much, wrapped up our exciting weekend.

Tune in tomorrow when I discuss cleaning grout with a toothbrush…or perhaps the excitement of watching paint dry. (Sigh…I gotta get a life!)

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