Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

If you read my blog semi-regularly, you’re probably aware (maybe even painfully so) that I’ve been a little under the weather for the past week. I’m a sniffling, sneezing, coughing, sleep-deprived mess, and now my little ol’ brain is feelin’ a little fuzzy. Must be all the cough-and-cold medicine I’ve taken that’s wreaking havoc on my thought processes.

Anyway, what this means is that I’m all out of creativity. Got nothin’. Nor do I have any new funny stories to relate as I’ve done very little in the past week besides sleep, eat, work, cough, and wave at Vince from across the room as I try to stay far enough away from him so he doesn’t catch my bug.

So in lieu of an actual blog today with complete sentences and paragraphs, I thought I would share Random Thoughts that are running through my brain today. Read at your own risk. And please do NOT try to commit me – I’ve got enough problems…

1. I’m having a bad hair day. A really bad hair day. It looks like I slept on it while still damp (true) and then curled it this morning without the benefit of eyeglasses (also true). Probably I should’ve just left it dirty. Live and learn, huh?
2. My hair is now in a ponytail. Problem solved.
3. I wish I could communicate with Vince telepathically. If I could, I’d tell him: “Go to the drug store and buy some ZiCam® Rapidmelts. Can’t hurt…and you do NOT want this crud!”
4. I have to call my mother on the way home from work. She has called the past two days to check on me. (Awww…) Nice to know a Mommy is still a Mommy who cares about you no matter how old you are!
5. I came in late today because I was up half the night. Told my boss I’d work through lunch. He said okay, probably because it was preferable to me calling in sick altogether. Door-to-door it took only 20 minutes. Definite plus.
6. Just heard “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz featuring Ludacris, which is a very catchy tune…but I hate the words. Kind of full of himself, isn’t he? Being up-front about how he’s only gonna break your heart in little bitty pieces? Wouldn’t it be nice if people like that never found anyone to date? Would serve ‘em right.
7. People call me all the time to ask me to spell words or help them with grammar. But I was stumped yesterday with that whole personal pronoun thing. So…someone help me out here. Do you say, “Will you have time this week to meet with Vince and I”? Or, “Will you have time this week to meet with Vince and me”?
8. I think it’s “me” – but I would like to have that question answered once and for all.
9. I swear, I must have been sick when they went over that rule in grade school and it has tormented me ever since.
10. I wonder if bad guys who are featured on shows like “Cops” brag to their friends and tell them to watch their episode. Can you imagine that conversation?
Bad guy: “Dude! Did’ja see me?”
Bad guy’s friend: “Yeah, man. You looked real good on TV. Way to rock the wife beater T-shirt. And you almost got away
from that cop. It was awesome!”
Bad guy: “Thanks, man. It was kind of embarrassing that I was in my underwear on TV, but WTF.”
Bad guy’s friend: “Soooo…how’s prison?”
11. Maybe they should stop trying to find a cure for the common cold and, instead, work on making germs visible to the naked eye. If they showed up as, say, neon green, we’d simply be able to stay away from them and never catch another cold. That’d be cool, huh?
12. On the other hand, maybe we’d be so grossed out by how many germs there are out there in the world, we’d go crazy trying to avoid them and would end up curled up in a little ball in a corner of a little white padded room swatting at neon green germs. Hmmm…maybe that’s not such a good idea after all.
13. Working through my lunch break sucks.
14. Really should start purchasing lottery tickets on a more regular basis.
15. Wish we’d either stayed up on Saturday night to watch Betty White on SNL or DVRd it. Guess I’ll have to make do with the clips I’ve seen. But, hey, we should all be as successful in our 88th year. Way to go, Betty!
16. Note to self: don’t forget to buy toothpaste, light bulbs, lettuce, chicken, garlic and onions. Make that an extra-large tube of toothpaste. And maybe some mouthwash.
17. I hope we have leftovers tonight for dinner. I don’t feel like doing dishes.
18. I should be healthy. I mean, I’m working on my 6th bottle of water here. And, um, that reminds me…BRB…
19. My hair in a ponytail, by the way, does not absolve me from having a bad hair day. I just looked in the mirror. Damn.
20. I have weird random thoughts.

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