Monday, April 5, 2010

Swoerij Dowier Hlorper

The other night I was driving home from work and I had a million ideas swirling around in my brain for future blogs (as well as some not-so-fun chores to add to my “to do” list). I was so filled with inspiration that I grabbed the notebook from the passenger seat that I keep there for just such opportunities and I scribbled down all those great ideas for future contemplation. I was mindful of my primary purpose, which was to maneuver a large heavy metal machine through rush hour traffic. And, yes, while I did take my right hand off the wheel temporarily in order to write, I kept my eyes on the road the entire time.

I can prove it, too. How? Well, because I took a look at the notebook last night…and I couldn’t decipher a single thing I wrote. Nope, absolutely no freakin’ idea! Fortunately, I also couldn’t decipher the not-so-fun chores, so it looks like they aren’t gonna get added to my “to do” list anytime soon. Small blessings, eh?

Nevertheless, it’s a little frustrating. I mean, scribbles that look sort of like “hlorper” and “riolding” don’t help much. And I simply can’t remember what I was so inspired about, either. Wouldn’t you think if they were so inspirational, I’d be able to recall at least some part of the concept that might allow me to piece the idea together again?

I don’t think I can blame it on getting older and more forgetful because I’ve been like this for a long time. And, no, it’s not because I’ve been having “blonde moments” my entire life either. Sheesh! (Welllll, okay, so there have been a few moments – but I think I’ll just keep those incidents to myself for the time being...)

No, there have been many nights just before I fall asleep when I’ll come up with the perfect gift for that impossible-to-buy for relative. Or I’ll compose the perfect letter – whether it’s for personal or business. Or I’ll think about some key ingredient I absolutely can’t forget to buy when I hit the grocery store the next day. Then, in the morning, I’ll have completely forgotten what I’d come up with. I’ve kept notebooks on the bedside table, but I have to admit that the results were similar to my note writing experience in the car the other night.

So…c’mon. Help me out here. Haven’t these things happened to you, too? It’s not just me – right? Right?! Haven’t you meant to add “laundry detergent” to the list because you’ve used up the very last drop in the container and have a mountain of laundry still to do? You figure you couldn't possibly forget such an important item. And then you go to the store and the one stinkin’ thing you’ve forgotten is the bottle of Tide?

I think my cell phone has some sort of application that will allow me to record notes, which would be helpful – if I only knew how to operate the application. Besides, it’s not really convenient for those times when I must keep my eyes on the road because I’m maneuvering a large heavy metal machine through rush hour traffic. Hmmm. Maybe in the future I should pull over to the side of the road to record my ideas. Knowing me, though, I’d probably push the wrong button thus losing my perfect idea for eternity.

So…the subject of today’s blog is: “Swoerij Dowier Hlorper.” Hahaha! Isn’t that hysterical??! I think it might be the best thing I’ve ever written!

Yeah, well, anyway. I hope your day is inspired. Happy Riolding…

…or something like that.

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