Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Fine Art of Blogging. Subtitle: False Advertising – Is It A Good or Bad Idea?

The other day when I was out for the afternoon with some friends, my husband created a Fan Page for me on Facebook for my blogs. Vince is my biggest fan and bestest supporter and is trying to promote my writing, so he figured a Fan Page was the next step in my “evolution.”

The thing is, I’m not entirely sure I understand the benefit of having a Fan Page where my blogs appear, a Facebook profile where my blogs also show up AND a blogger.com page where my blogs are created. Isn’t that a tiny bit of overkill?

I’m not exactly technologically gifted, so I’m not sure how it all works anyway. When I press “publish” it publishes. If I press “share to Facebook” it shares. But that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. And I think I’m lucky to have figured out that much, which I generally do with fingers crossed.

So when it came time to posting my first blog on my Fan Page, I wasn’t sure how to do it. I ended up posting it on there at least twice. Oh well. In time I’m sure I’ll figure it out. After all, there was once upon a time when ‘tweeting’ was something only birds did, and if you’d said the word ‘blog’ to me, I’d have thought you were clearing your throat – a little rudely, I might add.

Now the funny thing about Vince creating my fan page was that he posted a photo of me that wasn’t half bad. But it was from 25 years ago! Talk about false advertising. Not that I wouldn’t like to keep that particular picture up on my Page, but c’mon – people DO know how old I am and what I look like. And I certainly don’t look like that anymore. Where’s the sagging and drooping? Where are the wrinkles and my “mean line”? (It’s really a “squint line” between my eyes, but I always call it my mean line. Probably I should find a different name for it.)

Vince was getting all sorts of compliments from folks saying how great I looked, and about how they liked my “new” hairstyle. Yeah, like that’s the reason I looked so good. So I asked him to change the photo. I mean, let’s say I meet someone for the first time and the only image they have of me in their head is a photo from 25 years ago. Can you picture the look of shock on their face when they meet me for real?

I always laugh when I read how old celebrities are. At some point in their early career, they’re truthful about their age. But as the years go by, they start getting younger and younger. Eventually, I’ll see a listing of their birthday and I’ll think Hey! You and I are the same age – how did you suddenly become 5 years younger?! Who ya think you’re foolin’?! On the other hand, I suppose it works for some of them, especially since it’s their job to look young and fabulous. They have the money for Botox and surgical enhancements and facelifts, oh my! They also can afford personal chefs and can spend hours every day in the gym to keep their youthful figures.

Well, more power to ‘em, but I still say there is really no way of turning back the clock. Even with Botox and surgical enhancements and facelifts, people can’t possibly look like they did at 25.

So I guess we’ll just stick with my current photo and hope that people aren’t too shocked at the disparity between the “Before” and “After” photos.

Of course, if I don’t figure out how the whole posting to my Fan Page thing works, we won’t have to worry about it.

Okay, now…fingers crossed…time to go press “Share to Facebook.”


  1. Jane - I love your "before and after" photos - it truely shows how a beautiful 25 year old girl turns into a beautiful 50 year old woman!!! And you know...if there aren't any wrinkles at the age of 50...well then one hasn't lived their life properly...and that would be a terrible waste....every wrinkle around the mouth means 1000's of smiles....every wrinkle around the eyes means 1000's of those special smiles that makes it all the way and make the eyes twinkle!! And the "mean line"??? Well that line comes from worrying and caring for other people. Now THAT's a beautiful face!!! And that's your face!! :-) (but I still love your hair cut up in layers - it looks great and I still think that it would suit you very well now! :-) Hugs from Denmark

  2. Wow - Heike - that was a beautiful thing to say. I got teary-eyed even. Thank you. And it's true; lines on our faces show that we've lived and loved...and I wouldn't give them up for anything. (Well...) No, really!

    Anyway, thank you again - for being our friend. For being you.